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Blast from the past – Spring Matinee Races

Occasionally Jim and I like to get dressed up and do bougie things.  When we do, he refers to us as “Skip & Buffy’.  Last weekend Skip and Buffy went to the horse races and had our own little My Fair Lady moment.

I wore pearl earrings and a large brimmed straw hat, he wore loafers and crisp khaki shorts, and we headed to the Pinehurst Harness Track for the Spring Matinee Races.

The track is historic…you know how I love anything historic and most of Pinehurst has some kind of historical reference.  The track opened in 1915.  Leonard Tufts, the son of Pinehurst founder James Tufts, helped to form the Pinehurst Jockey Club in 1916.  The 56 acre track was placed on the national Historic Register in 1992 and the Pinehurst Parks and Recreation Department maintains it.  Adjacent to the track is the Fair Barn which was built in 1917.

*Photo courtesy of Tufts Archives. The barn was used for a cattle auction in 1931.

“The Fair Barn is the oldest surviving early twentieth-century fair exhibition hall in North Carolina. It was built in 1917 for use at the Sandhills Fair, one of the major country fairs in the Southeast from 1915 through 1925.”

See?  Major historic cred.  The barn has been completely restored and is a multipurpose gathering place available for social events.  The day of the races the interior was set up as a gallery with dozens of easels sporting amazing horse art.

The horse…is smiling!
I had to stop myself from shouting “Move your bloomin’ arse!’ during every race!

Behind the bandstands are food trucks and along the fence line are tables you can rent.  In fact, the park opens hours before the races start so people can mingle and munch.  You contact “Bunny” if you want to reserve Rail-side Parking.  Her name could actually be Bunny…but I think she’s infringing on my thing.  We decided to purchase a table rail-side next time and bring friends.

Spring Matinee Races

April 6, 2019

Pinehurst Harness Track,
200 Beulah Hill Road South

11 a.m. Gates Open

$5 per person
(ages 12 and under are free)


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