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Elizabeth –

I was born into an Air Force family and got a jump-start on traveling early.  By my 2nd birthday I had stamps on my passport!  We lived in Japan for four years and later we traveled through Canada twice

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The rest of my travels were all based in the US.  It wasn’t by design, but I’ve traveled coast to coast several times and managed to avoid nearly all of the northern states.  But that’s ok…I don’t like the cold!

Jim and I have an innate sense of adventure. To be fair, we have fun just going to Taco bell together.  But that means when we actually pull out a map and head out to explore, it’s extra fun.  And we like all types of adventure…dark tourism, urban exploring, historic sites, craft beer brewery’s, concerts, shopping!  From the well known to the obscure…we manage to find it and have fun.


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Jim –

I was born into a navy family.  We traveled a bit within the US but the Navy doesn’t move you around as often as the Air Force does.  After school I enlisted in the Air Force.  That’s when I really traveled.  I was fortunate to get some great assignments and saw most of Europe, parts of Russia, the Middle East and Asia.  They weren’t always fun spots, but I manage to have a good time where ever I go.


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Elizabeth has seen more of the US, but we’re working on that.  Two years ago we flew out to San Diego, I saw the pacific ocean for the first time before we drove back to North Carolina…stopping at all the hot spots (the Grand Canyon!!!) along the way.

Our daughters grew up and moved out so now we really have the freedom to travel.  And we’re inviting you along on the adventure.